The Most Important WordPress Plugins You Should Consider Using

Do you want to build a website but do not have the coding skill required to do that? WordPress often becomes a main alternative for people who are stuck in such condition.

This platform is popular because of its simple navigation. It is also adaptable because continuous innovative efforts from the developer to keep up with market’s needs.

From design standpoint, users also get plenty of theme options to make their pages looking more attractive. However, functionality is without doubt what makes WordPress the most favorite website starter.

The functionality of WordPress comes from more than 30,000 plugins that it provides. Plugin is ready to use code that performs certain function.

When it is embedded to your WordPress page, the page will be able to exhibit the code’s intended function.

Of course, it is impossible to add all of those plugins to one single website. In addition to overburden your page, the functions you add may not be relevant to it.

However, there are basic plugins that you should consider adding to your WordPress page. What are those ever important plugins?

  1. NextGen Gallery

The multimedia plugin allows page manager to develop albums and photo galleries in their website.

It enables user to upload multiple photos at once, manage image files, import metadata, custom thumbnails, and even categorize galleries into certain albums.

The continuous plugin updates result in better user interface that allows people more flexibility. This plugin is perfect if your page is not image heavy and you use photos only to boost the quality of written contents uploaded.

  1. WooCommerce

Are you using your WordPress page to sell product to customers? Then you should consider adding WooCommerce to the system.

There are many features that will benefit you as seller and customers who use it on your website. It enables secure payment methods, provides shopping cart with automated tax and shipping fees calculation, as well as manages the items sold.

Customers will have easier time navigating the page and you can have performance reportsof the website.

  1. AddThis

Integrating social media to your website is crucial because people these days access such sites to get the latest contents.

By doing this integration, you can attract more people to your website. AddThis is a great option because it has been integrated to more than 200 platforms.

Due to its experience working with large number of users with their own browsing behaviors, it can customize the most suitable share buttons depending on user’s demographics. Compared to other sharing plugin, AddThis is relatively easy to use and offers flexibility.

  1. Disqus

Engaging website will bring in constant stream of visitors. One of the ways to engage your visitors is to create comment section.

Disqus is definitely the most recommended plugin to do this task. It can be integrated to social media and customized to your preferred theme.

Page manager can also set up the commenting system to be moderated. It currently supports more than 70 different languages. The interface is friendly, not only for desktop computer users but also mobile users.

  1. Contact Form 7

Websites utilize contact form for many reasons, such as: generating feedbacks, providing space for visitors to ask questions, and enabling potential customers to request for service.

Contact Form 7 is without doubt the most notorious plugin to use t provide such functionalities. It is very easy to apply to a website even if the page manager is not someone well-versed in coding.

User can also setup re-captcha tool so that there will not be spam attack. Some people may not be keen on its simple design, but it works perfectly nonetheless.

  1. Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin enables search engine to crawl through your website because it provides the sitemap. Due to this plugin, the contents of your website can be indexed.

Not only that, whenever you post a new content to your page, the search engine will be alerted so that it can renew the search information.

Such functionality is especially important if you want to be more visible in search engine. There are additional settings that you can use including increasing memory and time limits.

  1. WP-Optimize

Time to time, you may encounter lagging in your website as it grows bigger. That will cause slight discomfort to visitors.

WP-Optimize is a plugin that can prevent that from happening because it helps cleaning your page’s database on regular basis.

Not only that, it also compresses large size images and caches. You have to update your PHP and MySQL to the latest versions in order for the plugin to work properly. Overall though, it is a very simple plugin to use.

  1. WP-Polls

Of course, comments would be the best way to receive feedbacks from page visitors but not everyone can be bothered with the task. The simplest way to do that is creating polls.

You can add WP-Polls plugin to perform this task. It is a users’ favorite the configuration is very easy, even for untrained person.

Not only that, you can actually set up when to publish the poll and when to stop taking votes. There is an option to create more than one poll in the website.

  1. Yoast SEO

Optimizing your website for search engines is important to generate more traffic to the site. There are various optimization features that Yoast SEO offers such as XML sitemaps, metadata tags link, integration with social media, and customization which tells search engine the page that it can index and not.

It helps making your page more visible. The plugin is continuously updated to SEO trends so that you have to make sure your system is always set to the latest versions.

  1. JetPack

JetPack lives up to its name because it contains various features that will optimize the operation of your website. First of all, it is packed with basic protection such as malware scanning, data backups, and protection from outsiders’ attacks.

Page manager can use its site managing feature to perform important works such as analyzing statistics, picking website theme, and customizing important tools. The performance of your website can be optimized as well so that visitors will be able to load your page without lagging.