How To Choose The Perfect Blog Topic for You

Actually anyone can become a successful blogger, but for those of you who have never known about bloggers, of course there are various kinds of things that you should learn well about it.

Blogging can be very meaningful to many people for various reasons. Blogging isn’t just for business needs.

You can get benefit professionally, financially, and personally from blogging, especially when writing is becoming one of your hobbies.

On the internet, there is indeed quite a lot of information, even tutorials about being a professional blogger.

But still, novice bloggers who just want to start their blog, feel confused about what to do the first time. Until finally many of them felt discouraged and stopped in their tracks.

Before starting to start a blog, you must understand 3 things that every novice blogger must have.

  1. First You Need To Be Patient

Creating a blog until it is finally visited by many readers takes a long time. According to some SEO specialists, there is a period of time during which your content is “buried” and ultimately “caught” by Google or commonly known as Google Sandbox.

More than you can imagine, building a blog takes a lot of patience. You need to keep writing even when there are very few visitors.

  1. Stick On Your Passion

Profit shouldn’t be the only reason you started a blog. Ask yourself, what topic you are passionate about and good at? Determining a blog theme must indeed match your passion.

It would be very troublesome for us if our passion is in the culinary field, but we force ourselves to write blogs with the theme of fashion.

  1. Consistency And Perseverance

Don’t be shocked if you can’t get a lot of profit in the blink of an eye even if you’ve been blogging for quite a long time.

Everything takes time and is not instantaneous. Consistency and perseverance are two things you should grasp if you want to become a professional blogger.

A blogger must persevere because later in the middle of blogging there will be lots of obstacles.

As stated above, it is highly recommended to write a blog according to your passion and expertise. So you can create a blog with a niche you are familiar with. In making a blog, you are actually free to fill it with any content. However, it is better if you focus on one specific topic or niche.

A niche is a special theme or topic for a blog. By choosing a blog niche, you only need to create content on the same topic.

A niche blog can make you focus more on a specific topic so that it doesn’t extend to various topics. It can make you more consistent in writing a blog.


Top 10 Recommended Niche With Profitable Income

After knowing what a niche is, you can start considering the main niches that get a lot of traffic from search engine users.

Each niche actually has its own fans. However, if your goal is to make money, then you have to take a niche with a high potential for traffic where there is a high likelihood of converting visitors to ad clicks.

According to SEO specialists, there are some blog niches which are said to promise a decent profit and quite high visitor traffic.

  1. Making Money From The Internet

This kind of niche has many fans and is quite often searched for on the internet. Of course since many people are wondering if they can make money online.

Darren Rowse is one of prominent bloggers in this niche, able to generate revenues of approximately $40.000 per month.

If you want to succeed as Rowse, you can consider choosing a niche, such as tutorials on how to make money via the internet.

  1. Financial Management

Financial matters cannot be taken lightly. Many people need information and knowledge about financial issues, ranging from information on financial management, business, investment, e-money, and others.

It is evident that the search trends for the keywords “investment” and “business opportunity” from year to year tend to be stable.

You can imitate the successful steps of blogger Rosemarie Groner, who could earn $86,000 each month for this kind of niche.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

Given the popularity of health topics on Google, blogs with this type of niche have the potential to attract many visitors.

You can write about information and tips about healthy lifestyle such as fitness, diet, home remedy, fat loss and many more.

  1. Cooking and Recipe

Believe that as long as humans need to eat, the niche for food recipes and cooking tips will still be packed by many visitors.

Just like blogger Jennifer Debth that earned approximately $46.000 per month, you can start your recipe and cooking blog with something simple and easy to make meals.

  1. Fashion Tips and Beauty Trick

The development of beauty trends and the presence of beauty influencers, have made the beauty and fashion frequently searched for on search engines.

Well, you can take this opportunity to create a blog with a beauty and fashion niche.

With these niches, you can write product reviews,make makeup tutorials, mix and match fashion, accessories, footwear and many more.

  1. Motivation and Personal Development

You can be a life coaching, motivator or a guru for the personal development niche. This kind of niche is getting more profitable since currently many millennials really need to find their identity and purpose in life.

They seek advice on how to make a standard of living in themselves, and want to know more about their strengths and weaknesses.

This niche about self-development is very interesting to be discussed, so that you can also learn while sharing experiences about life.

  1. DIY Project

Art and craft especially those that promote the DIY concept have also been a trend in recent years.

Many people like to decorate their homes without having to spend too much money. That’s why many people love DIY craft blogs.

However, you can choose DIY blog topics including arts and crafts. DIY home decorations or everyday life-hacks are some of the ideas you can use for your posts.

  1. Parenting Hacks

The parenting niche is increasing rapidly because more and more parents are digitally literate, so they look for various information about parenting on the internet.

You can also make information about tips on family harmony, how to educate children with various methods, pregnancy, child health and other family issues.

  1. Holiday and Traveling

If traveling is your hobby, share the experience on a traveling-themed blog. An online travel journal that records your experiences during a vacation and visiting a tourist spot, is not only entertaining but also useful for visitors with the same interests.

As information for you, the search for tourist attractions and travel topics on the internet is increasingly popular, especially during the holidays.

  1. Business Tips and Marketing

Entrepreneurial blogs can provide guidance for people who are interested in this lifestyle.You can start a blog with business and marketing tips while offering various services digitally on your blog.

You can use this niche to discuss creating a business website, social media for business management, virtual assistance services, consulting services, and others are still proportionate about business.


So How to Choose the Right Topik for your Own Blog?

Topics play an important role in your blog. It doesn’t matter how good your article is, in case the topics that are discussed are basically not interesting then it’s useless.

Here are several ways you can do, to find interesting blog topics:

  1. Focus On Something That You Like

Every blogger certainly has limitations in terms of mastery of knowledge. Of the many essential knowledge, there may be one or two that you have mastered the most.

Focus on blogs with one topic that you really know and love, ensuring that the blog content is also of higher quality. It’s hard to come up with really high-quality content, for so many different topics. You don’t have to be an expert. Just find your skills and something you like, then create content that matches your passion

  1. Take Advantage Of Google Trends For Market Research

There are so many marketing teams are flocking to learn about how to use Google Trends to research their potential market.

You will be able to search for trending information from a particular topic, by using the search section on that Google product.

You can also use Google Trends to see topics related to the keywords you are looking for. This will help you understand the user’s search behavior more broadly and find relevant terms.

  1. Analysis Of Blog Competition Through Google Search

You cannot analyze competitors, if you don’t know who they are.Therefore, before choosing a topic for a blog, first make sure the competition you have for a particular niche is not too much.

Type in a keyword for a niche in Google search and see the number of results. If the search results in the tens of millions, it is best to avoid using these niche

  1. Evaluation Of The Idea That You Have Obtained

One big mistake people make when choosing a niche is not evaluating it first. Whereas by evaluating a niche you can identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats you face on the electoral niche.


Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid

For those who are just starting to blog and want their blog to be successful, it is highly recommended to avoid mistakes such as the following

  1. Forcing Yourself On Something You Don’t Like

Let’s be realistic. If you don’t like something, then it’s best to avoid it and don’t try to do it. It’s the same as starting a blog.

If you want to consistently post on your blog and be a source of income, then you should choose a topic that you are good at and like.

  1. Stuck On Too Broad A Topic

Popular topics are easier to live on and of course there are lots of fans too. But topics and niches that are too broad make your competitors even more and more.

Choose a profitable niche that has low competition, and create interesting content for your blog visitors

  1. Fear Of Competing

Blogging is quickly becoming the way of communication and dissemination of information and the most popular news.

No wonder there are more and more blogs with various themes. If you feel ashamed to compete, then you can bet that your blog is a waste of time and not profitable at all.

  1. Inconsistency

Many novice bloggers start out excitedly, but over time they become inconsistent. They rarely do blogging regularly, and leave the blog with out-of-date information.

Considering the number of bloggers and content that attack us every day, being inconsistent can be a blogger’s fatal mistake.

Readers will forget about you quickly and you will lose all your traffic sources.

  1. Money Oriented

There are not a few new bloggers who from the start, have focused on earning money.

However, not many bloggers are immediately successful in a matter of days.

It takes a long process before bloggers can finally enjoy revenue from advertising, as well as endorsed products provided by the brand.

  1. Forgetting Your Own Uniqueness and Characteristics

You can see that every successful blogger has their own uniqueness and characteristics.It’s okay to raise an existing topic, but write it according to your own point of view and language style so that the results can be unique, different and have their own characteristics

When starting blogging, guidance and enthusiasm is not enough. What is needed most is consistency.

Without consistency no matter how good your materials and ideas will gradually disappear, eroded by laziness and hopelessness.

I feel pretty up here for the choosing the right topic for your blog, I hope this can be useful for those of you who are starting a blog.