Tips on How to Start a Food Blog

Do you like to cook or like to read magazines about food or recipes? Want to increase your income by sharing recipes on the internet? If the answer is yes, then it’s time for you to start creating your own food blog

Huh? Food blog?Yes, a food blog can be a medium where you can channel your cooking hobby, as well as a source of additional income.In blogging, there are various popular niches, from technology, lifestyle, automotive, to culinary or food blogging niches.

A culinary blog or food blog is one example of a niche that is not lost in time. The reason? Well as long as humans need food and the creation of new recipes, blogging around food is promising to try.

Creating a food blog is actually easier than people imagine. There are those who just want to increase their income by sharing cooking experiences and food recipes, or indeed those who are passionate in the culinary field and share experiences on their food blog.


Why is Creating a food Blog so Promising?

Perhaps you have experienced boredom eating menu for granted.Once upon a time, you want to try a new recipe that is easy to be made and tested.

Reasons like these that make a lot of people use the Internet to browse the recipes on food blogs.It could be a promising opportunity for novice bloggers, considering the food is still one of the top 10 niche with many visitors and promised benefits.

Besides the food trend is often viral in social media can be a powerful weapon, to invite visitors and increase traffic on your blog.

Currently, food bloggers are considered a lucrative profession because of the many advantages that can be obtained from this profession.

For example, such as being invited to various prestigious culinary events, meeting with well-known culinary experts, reviewing many well-known restaurants, product endorsements and also fame that can be achieved

Even so, food blogs do have pros and cons considering that not everyone will like the recipe you wrote or agree with your review of a food or restaurant.

Even so, food blogs still have their own place because of the trends in the culinary world that will continue to develop from time to time.


Anyone Can Start Their Own Food Blog

Maybe before starting a food blog, there is a little doubt in your heart.You may feel insecure about your own recipe, feel that you are not good at writing and not a culinary expert.

But coming back to the fact that you don’t have to be an expert to start a blog.

The most important thing is that you have a passion in this field.

No need to be a culinary expert, if you like to cook, try new recipes, fond of reviewing the food, have a knowledge of the world related to food and often follow culinary trends; then you or anyone can start their food blog.

One thing to remember when you start creating a food blog, an attractive blog appearance certainly invites more visitors to stop by and read.

People will stand for so long in a food blog, if you post photos of dishes that look delicious and appetizing.

That’s why you also need to hone your photography skills. Apart from writing recipes and food reviews that are unique and easy to understand, learn to take photos of food that look appetizing.

Furthermore, don’t forget to keep updating your blog. Continue to cook and be creative with new recipes, so that visitors always get fresh and up to date content on your blog.


Tips To Start Your Own Food Blog

Let’s see what it takes to start a food blog and how to do one.

  1. Specify Your Domain Name

A good blog name is one that is easy to remember, descriptive and concise. After you choose a catchy name for your blog, then buy a domain name that matches your criteria.

Don’t forget to choose a trusted web hosting. Web hosting is a place to store all the files, content and images on your food blog.

  1. It Is Highly Recommended For You To Opt For WordPress

You could say that WordPress is the best platform for all types of websites and blogs. Currently more than 30 percent of websites in the world are powered by WordPress.

For those of you who want to show your image as a professional food blogger, is the right choice.

You can also choose a variety of free or paid themes in If you have limited funds, using a free theme is not a problem.

There are many free themes of the highest quality on WordPress.WordPress is easy to use for beginners, but also flexible for complex websites.

  1. SEO Optimisation

Don’t forget that you need to SEO optimize your food blog first. This SEO optimization needs to be done so that your blog is easier to find in search results.

So when people search for certain keywords related to food, your blog will appear on the first page of search results.


Make Your Food Blog More Appealing With These Themes Recommendation

The theme will greatly affect the appearance of your blog. While the default themes that WordPress provides aren’t bad, you might want something more specific.

Here are some recommendation best theme for your food blog:

  1. Premium Theme Food Blog

Food Blog is one of premium themes which you can choose to enhance the appearance of your blog.

Equipped with the latest technology, namely HTML5 which is responsive and easy to develop, and is equipped with a recipe plug-in; This theme is highly recommended for your food blog.

  1. Publication, Free Themes Are Worth A Try

You can also try this Publication theme, which is provided by WordPress. Equipped with a large enough header, making your food blog look like a professional culinary magazine. This theme is also responsive and fairly easy to use.

  1. Foodeez Lite, For Those Of You Who Like To Review Restaurants And Food

This theme is equipped with thumbnails preview and banner with the fits width and length, very suitable for food blogs that contain restaurant reviews or other culinary delights.

  1. White Is Not Always Boring With Icook Theme

White color on blogs is not always boring and eye-irritating. Don’t believe it? just try using the iCook theme on your food blog.

Easy to customize and very responsive, this theme also features automatic displays for your popular recipes or posts.

  1. Chic Look With Zylyz For Your Food Blog

If you are looking for a theme that is chic but still looks elegant for a food blog, then Zylyz is the right choice.

This theme is equipped with features that display large enough photos. This theme is also very suitable for those of you who like to post recipes.


Important Plugins For Your Food Blog

Plugins are an important element on every blog. Plugins make it easy for you to add important features to your food blog, from SEO plugins to gallery plugins.

What plugins do you need? Here are some recommendations for you

  1. Wp Ultimate Recipe, Popular Free Plug In For Food Blogger

This WP Ultimate Recipe is quite popular among food bloggers that provides various services for your food blog.

It will be very easy for you to insert multiple recipes or reviews in the same post if you use this type of plug in.

  1. Pinterest Pin It Button Which Is Very Useful For You

If you are looking for a simple and easy plugin, the Pinterest “Pin It” Button is the right choice for you.

You can select specific images and buttons can be displayed on each post either before or after the content of the article.

This plug-in will be very liked by your blog visitors, because they can share pictures from your blog simply by clicking this Pinterest button.

  1. Easy To Use To Organize Your Gallery, Select This Nextgen Gallery Plugin

As mentioned above, a food blog should be visually appealing and appetizing.That’s why you can choose to use Nextgen Gallery because it’s easy to use and useful for managing image collections on your blog. This plugin also makes it easier for you to upload photos in your posts.

  1. Achieve Wider Visitor By Using Unit Converter Plugin

Of course, you expect that your food blog is known and visited by visitors from all over the world.To get more global visitors, it is highly recommended that you use this Unit Converter plugin.


Get Higher Visitor Traffic By Doing Promotions

Creating content is not enough. You need to promote the content on your food blog, so that it can be read and visited by many people.

Promoting blogs can be done on various online platforms, from social media, online forums, to community groups

Posting your food blog on social media can also be the right promotional tool. At least make your followers aware of your food blog and can also invite your friends to read your blog.

For food blogs that do focus on interesting photos or videos, you can do promotions on Pinterest and Instagram.In addition, you can also do blog promotions in online forums or leave comments on other people’s blogs as well.

Learning how to create a food blog is easier than you think. Once you have a domain and hosting, don’t forget to choose the best blogging platform and start writing your review or recipe. So are you ready to start your own food blog?