Six Smart Strategies That Will Generate Traffic to Your Blog

Unless you aim for your blog to be a private page for you to post your writings or other contents, you will most likely want the blog to be well-visited.

As many people enjoy your content, you will be able to develop yourself in more ways. It can improve your content production skills, be it writing, video making, photography, or others.

Many bloggers will get more opportunities outside of blogging, especially in their own area of expertise, if their blogs have large audience.

Heavy traffic to the blog also brings financial benefits through advertisements and such.

In order to increase the traffic to your blog, you have to do a lot of works. This process cannot happen instantly.

You have to pour thoughts and energy to make your blog grows. There are some strategies that you can apply to your blog to help you gaining bigger audience over time.

These strategies should be employed simultaneously if you want to achieve optimum results. Let’s take a look at the following points.

  1. Pay Attention To The Content That You Are Producing

The contents that you provide in your blog would be the first thing that draws audience. It is important to understand the material that you are delivering.

Audience reads blog contents because they want to be informed in certain topics that they are interested in.

If you are able to provide valuable information to the audience they are likely to consider you an expert and will return for more.

You should also set a target audience so that you can adjust the contents you make to their tastes.

Contents should also be presented in interesting manner. Instead of using all paragraphs, you can create articles in list format to help making readers understanding your passage a lot easier.

To make the contents more interesting, incorporating self-taken images and videos is recommended.

Self-taken images and videos will make the contents more personal and protect you from the risk of copyright.

You should also consider making articles that will be relevant regardless when the readers consume it.

Another way to add newness is featuring other contributors to the blog so that more people will visit it.


  1. Engage The Audience

Audience also needs to be engaged if you want your blog to have steady stream of followers. Blog with high level of engagement looks more alive.

It will create a sense of community within it. People will interact with each other about your contents, not only with you as creator.

You will not only gain one-time visitors to your blog but also people who will follow your contents regularly. If you want to make audience more engaged to your posts, you can use some of these methods.

  • Enabling people to leave comments underneath each post and stimulating them to do so through your contents.
  • Encouraging user generated content by using various platforms.
  • Preparing giveaways to audience by asking them to answer certain questions, challenging them to do something, or simply asking them to repost your contents.
  • Enabling sign up to the blog with certain benefits such as alerts if you have new content posted.


  1. Utilize Calendar

Calendar is important if you want to make your blog successful in the long run. A good blogger should manage an editorial calendar.

This calendar includes your posting days and even the themes for each posting day. Once you have created the calendar, you are encouraged to follow it through.

It is better to prepare the contents days ahead so that you will have back up contents in case you want to go on vacation or have emergency situations.

Utilizing calendar to manage your post means that you will be able to upload contents in regular manner.

It has been found across places that websites, blogs, and social media accounts that post contents on regular basis will generate more traffic.

Readers are expecting to see new contents in scheduled manner and it keeps them tied to your blog.

Of course, having surprised posts is fine but you need to maintain regularity. It is good for the visibility in search engine too.


  1. Integrate Blog with Social Media

Because more people utilize social media these days, you also need to integrate your blog to social media to reach out to more audience.

The first thing that you can do is adding plugin that will enable you or readers to share your blog’s contents to social media.

The sharing buttons should be attached to each post that you make. You also need to browse through various social media to scout groups that are likely to be interested in your posts.

Once those have been done, you should utilize title part of your blog post to generate interest. Tile is the first thing that people look at and the title should resonate with your audience’s interest.

From time to time, you should try sharing your old blog post. It is especially great if the topic of that post is being discussed at the moment.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is important to make your blog visible in the search engine if you want more audience to be engaged to it.

People utilize search engine to look for topics that they want to know and if your blog is visible, the likelihood for people to access it will be higher.

Some search engine optimization methods that you can employ to generate traffic are:

  • Producing long articles because many search engines show preference towards longer articles.
  • Utilizing keywords that many people look for but be careful not to overdo it.
  • Utilizing links to trusted search engines.
  • Utilizing crosslink so that readers will access multiple posts in your blog at one visit.


  1. Utilize Online Advertisement

This will be the last thing that you need to do. Online advertisement is not a must, especially if you are tight on budget.

However, it is certainly worth considering if you want people to visit your blog. Due to current developments in online advertising, the system will look for audience that matches your target.

They will be presented with direct link to your blog. Thus, the likelihood for them to visit your blog is higher.