Creating Profitable Blog with the Right Topic

Internet changes many things even involving in the essence of human life. The challenge is whether you are part of this era or just the spectator.

Today, the term blog and blogging still have interest though quite old due to both are from the early era of internet. When discussing about blog, it means you make websites contain contents with certain topic.

When you plan to do such thing, people will give your bad opinion. They say that blog is not for beginner or you will not succeed because billions of websites are on internet.

In fact, you still have chance to enter and participate even get profit with blogging. Read the following sections for more insight and explanation.


Three Things About Blogging

The starting points are you have three things. They are passion, patience, and perseverance.

  1. Passion

Passion is the fundamental of your blogging. It is waste of money, effort, and time when you do not have passion. That’s why most people will start with something they like. For example, you enjoy travelling. In this case, creating the website contains traveling content is far easier than automotive or engineering.

  1. Patience

It takes a courage for first jump but patience to prolong the work. You need to be patience as much as you can muster. The blog takes time to grow. As creator, you should take stand from user perspective. You will understand the reasons people visit your blog.

  1. Perseverance

The last thing is perseverance. This is something you must have especially when the blog does not give profit in the first year. You need more than patience and perseverance is the most thing you obtain.


Finding the Niche

It is quite challenging to find the niche, especially for first timer. Several methods are available to support your way to get the right niche for blogging.

  1. Something you Like or Love

You like food and the blog should start with this topic. However, it is too broad and you must specify as small as possible. For example, the food is related with certain areas or countries.

  1. Market Research

Market research is the important thing you must do. Today, this kind of activity is much easier. Online tool and statistics provider necessary thing to ensure you pick the topic with utmost valuable.

  1. Competitor and Competition

The simple way to do business is from competitor and competition. You apply this idea when creating a website. From market research, you find a topic. After that, you explore the competitors and see what they have done. You imitate and modify but avoid plagiarism. Make sure you add your value and selling points to make more authentic.

  1. Trial and Error

If you have much time, trial and error seem another way to obtain the right topic for blog. You try food, fashion, beauty, and marketing. From them, you know which one delivering the highest profit. Of course, this part includes loss.

  1. Other People Ideas

Some people have unique ideas but do not have time and resources. If this one has potential profit, you can start and make on your own.


The Most Profitable Categories for Blogging

The next section will explore the most profitable categories for blogging. If you do not have solid idea, take them as references and guides.

  1. Online Money Making

This topic is at top keyword that people look for on internet. People want to make money via online and at home.

  1. Personal Finance

Same people have more money but do not know what to do. At the end of month, they spend everything without saving. This is where personal finance comes into the right time. You can start with small niche such personal finance for student.

  1. Fitness and Healthy

People start to care more about healthy. They do exercise and maintain healthy lifestyle. It is also broad topic because you find tons of competitors. Pick specific category that you are familiar with.

  1. Recipe

Human needs foods. It is the basic thing you must get to stay alive. On the other hand, people want variations and recipe is solution. The food website with interesting recipes can generate huge traffic.

  1. Fashion and Beauty

The next category is fashion and beauty. Both provide the significant value and profit. In general, fashion is similar with recipe on food. Wearing the same clothes is not what people do today. They want to look excellent every time.

  1. Parenting

Your parent and you live in different era. Parenting receives wide recognition due has significant impact in digital society. New parents start to look for relevant parenting. You can share experience, tips, and information.

  1. Travel and Tourism

Travelling is the topic that increases exponentially. People know more about the world from internet. On the other hand, they want to visit directly. Before doing such thing, they conduct research to find the reputable and relevant reference.

  1. Marketing

Another topic is marketing. It is quite similar with money making online. Marketing is more than selling and promotion. You have brand and implement any method to gain awareness. If you are good in this topic, it is time to be professional.


Blogging Mistakes

People try to find the perfect niche. The answer is they will not find it. You must understand that it is not about perfect but the right one. Some blogging mistakes are important to know.

  • Not a Passion

You like travel and food, but make blog about finance. The first mistake is you create blog bot based on your passion or knowledge.

  • General Category

Pet is general category. You will lose easily with websites that contains dogs, cats, and other specific pets. If you rely on general topic, the issue is contents. They must be the best quality or people will look another way.

  • Lack of Consistency

Making blog is simple and easy. However, you must keep it regularly. Lack of consistency is the problem and mistake that everyone does.

  • Focus Only on Profit

There is nothing wrong about profit. The issue is you will lose interest when website does not bring profit anymore. Furthermore, profitable website should be measured long term and the value is not money.

  • No Selling Points

Another common mistake is no selling point. It sounds trivial but has significant effect. You create a website about certain topic. However, millions of people do the same thing. To win competition, you bring your style not just imitate from the popular one.

Everything about blogging and its topic has been explained. You allocate time to learn and prepare enough resources.