Start a Food Blog and Make It Big

You eat food to stay alive. On the other hand, people have various tastes and preferences. Moreover, you find tons of foods with various look and taste from around the world. With internet, you can get their recipes easily. At this point, you see the chance to be food blogger.

This topic is definitely general category. If you only use food as main theme, your website has high competition. In this situation, you need to specify specific theme such as healthy food or culinary from certain region.

Make sure you have passion related to cooking and exploring recipe. Without this one, you will be lack of meaning.

Blog is old term for website. In that time, you recognized blog as platform to create simple website. People registered and posted their own content including food. After that, they bought domain and hosting. The blog turned into the website.


Reasons to Create Food Blog or Website

Why do you eat? The answer is hungry. Of course, that’s not the only answer. You can say you like the food and want to taste.

You need energy for work and eat will fulfil this purpose. Reason is necessary when you do something. Without this one, you will end up in meaningless task without gaining the value.

Creating a website is no small task. It becomes big project if your reason is money.  The first step is you define the purpose or reason.

One single answer is enough to justify you action. For example, you like cooking and want to share with other. After experiencing with several recipes, you decide to develop your own. To ensure people can know and try, website is the media you pick to share and spread the content.

You are traveler have visited several countries. Each has unique culinary recipes. In this case, you just a person who like eating. Cooking might not be your virtue buy you have skill to write and create engaging content.

Your experience and knowledge has value that people should know. It is solid reason to justify why you make a website about food.

Another one is you wants to make profitable website. There is nothing wrong about this one because you see some websites gain too much advertisement and revenue. In this case, preparation is necessary due to it is like work and investment.


Creator, Contents, and Publisher

People with cooking skill are the most common creators for this website. They know recipe, ingredient, cooking method, utensil, and anything. It is a good start because they have knowledge and credibility.

Imagine you create a blog but do not have idea about cooking. Visitors will recognize your posts are lack of essence. They will leave your blog, but some of them put their critics.

You are not person who always in the kitchen. On the other side, you explore culinary and enjoy eating the challenge. This one is excellent motivation to write a content about food. Keep in mind that website about food is not just about recipe. You can do review such as restaurant, event, resort, or anything related with foods

Another one is photographer. You visit a restaurant and see the menu. They have interesting picture to attract more customers. This is what food photography does. Your content is photo or image with simple caption. People like fancy photo especially foods.


Ideas, Concept, and Niche Topic for Food Website

You have tons of idea for this blog and do not know to pick. It is not simple task because you have limited resources. Start with the most thing you like.

For example, you are in diet and often eat healthy foods. After several weeks, you see the result and continue until become habit.

You prepare and try several recipes then find the right one. This experience is very valuable. Internet users can utilize your knowledge to shorten the process.

After idea is decided, you formulate the concept. Open several food websites see the similarities and differences. Some of them are just website to share information such as recipe.

Few of them are dedicated for food photography. The rest are review, travel experience, report, and other. You choose the concept you will implement on your website.

The last one is niche topic. Start with the specific one that you thing there is gap that need to be fulfilled. For example, you look for information about food in certain country. The demand is high but lack of credibility resources. It is your chance to supply with yours. After gaining traffic and recognition, you can expand.


Starting a Blog

The next section will explore the technical aspect when starting a blog. Today, you do not need to be programmer, web developer, web master, or designer. People can make a website with CMS. Check the following list for more explanation.

  1. Domain

Domain is very important when you create a blog or website. It represents your content. You need to name your website.

Some people create website and prepare content then buy domain. After that, they rename the website based on domain. You can buy early and adjust with the concept including idea and topic.

  1. CMS

The simple way to make website is CMS or content management system. It is platform where people can post a content and add additional setting. It uses database and easy to install on server. CMS has various options such as wordpress and joomla.

  1. Hosting

You have computer and people can access the content on your hard drive via network. When it becomes vast and complex, you make internet.

Hosting is place where you put the website. It has various options such as shared, dedicated, and standalone server. Make sure to choose the prominent hosting providers. They offer the excellent value of money.


Templates and Plugin

You need to pick the right template and plugin. Both will support your website and content. Visitors can go to specific content after you add plugin to organize everything in cms.

You have choices either free templates or paid version. Both have pros and cons. Plugin is extra tool to boost your website with more features and functionality.


Promoting Your Blog

The last task is you must promote your blog. Several methods are available to handle this one. It takes time to grow traffic. You may rely on third party service to optimize website and bring more traffic.

When visitors get more value, they come again to explore. Organic promotion will maintain long lasting traffic and steady growth before you get the profit.