Best Podcast Hosting 2021

Since its first launch, Podcast has become more popular because it is easy-to-consume, whether for personal or business needs.

People who listen to podcasts can get many things, such as marketing skills, self-development knowledge, or inspiration from interviews. Seeing this growing trend, now there are some best podcast hosting 2021 services options you can choose.

The podcast hosting service is useful if you want to build your podcast. It is different from a web hosting that you might have thought of before.

This hosting helps you to grow the audience faster and manage your podcast easily. Knowing that there are 850,000 active podcasts in January 2020, you should know the best podcast hosting 2021 services to support your own in reaching the audience and better performance.


Best Podcast Hosting 2021

The fact in 2019 said that people listen to the podcast 49% at home, while the rest is done in the car, at work, and other places. Surprisingly, this trend has not changed in early 2020.

Most people are consuming podcasts while doing housework or spending time at home. If you want to be a part of the hosters, let’s pick one of the following best podcast hosting 2021 services here:

1. Podbean

This one is the most popular hosting on the market. If you are dreaming of unlimited convenience, then Podbean is the best choice.

It offers a podcast hosting plan as you want and, of course, with unlimited bandwidth. This sounds nice for the new starter who is still in trial and error finding the right form for their podcast.

Aside from that, the tools are very useful. They have a promotion tool that automatically puts your episodes at the top of podcast directories.

It eases your audience to listen and download. Also, the theme is customizable as you want. One of the interesting things is you can embed the Podbean podcast player to your WordPress posts and pages.

As the plus point, it also offers an advertising marketplace. You have an opportunity to monetize your content. Knowing that it has a huge community, you shouldn’t miss this chance.

Last, talking about the price, it is available for free when you sign up. But if you want to have unlimited storage, the plan starts from $9.

2. BuzzSprout

Are you a real beginner? We recommend you to use BuzzSprout. It is not only one of the best podcast hosting 2021 services, but also the easiest for the newbies.

Just upload your file and let BuzzSprout do the rest. In the end, you will find your episodes in the directories and listened to by many people through various devices and apps.

BuzzSprout is well-known having a strong community among the podcasters. In February 2020, the statistic shows that the United States reached 70% active listeners, while the rest is spread among the United Kingdom as the second place, then followed by Canada and other countries.

This means that if your audience target is the American and you are the new hoster, just don’t think twice not to choose BuzzSprout.

They also offer you to make a website if you don’t have one or a blog. Then, you can adjust the design and make your own domain name.

This incredible offer is free up to 90 days. After that, you should join the paid plan which costs you $12 per month for 3 hours upload.

3. Blubrry

When you are having a WordPress, Blubrry will complete your experience in podcasting. You can use the plugin “PowerPress” to manage your podcast easier directly from your own site.

Besides, the plugin eases you to upload your episodes too. So, you won’t take so much time to update your audience.

Not only WordPress but Blubrry also convenient to use for Apple Podcasts (not it becomes iTunes) and Google Podcasts. This makes you easily detected on Google Home, Assistant, and Google Podcast App on Android devices.

Let’s subscribe for $12 per month, then you will get a 100 MB storage every month. Otherwise, if you have a plan to create a long show, it is better to take their $20 per month for a 250 MB plan.

4. Transistor

The other best podcast hosting 2021 services are the Transistor. It is usually used by professionals, but among the beginners are popular too.

The first advantage you can get is the unlimited plan which means you are free to upload without any charge. This convenience is supported by easy-to-use tools to upload and manage.

Aside from that, not many podcast hosting provides its users an insight. Here, you can get the report to see how far and good your episode performance is.

Use their analytic to plan the next episode to be better. Don’t be worried if you have no WordPress or website, it helps you to make one.

We think it is worth it to spend $19 per month for 10,000 downloads each month. If you need a higher than that, Transistor has other offers too.

Before you see the other hosting, we might say that this one is good to use for those who seriously take podcasting rather than just doing a hobby.

5. Smart Podcast Player

Indeed, we can’t deny that most podcasts listeners engage with the hoster through the content. It is proven by the data that 80% of people listen to a podcast episode entirely.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t improve on another side. Smart Podcast Player allows you to have a great media player on your website.

The display will make your website interesting, such as putting your episode pages on your homepage. Then, you can do anything with it, such as sharing with your friends.

Or, attract the newcomers by customizing the colors or locate to the eye-catching position (on the top or bottom).

The other reason why it becomes one of the best podcast hosting 2021 services is that it can take back your visitors. It helps you to grow your email list while finding the new listeners at the same time.

This service is very advantageous for you. Only starts from $8.09 per month, you can have a great podcast media player on your website.

6. Libsyn

You should know that podcast listeners are not only using one or two apps and devices. Since there are a lot of platforms, apps, and devices, you are better to think about how to promote your podcast across those options.

The updated data, in September 2020, a smartphone is the most used device with the details: 54% Apple iOS, 43% Android, and the rest is other.

Those numbers only show you the device used. You should see the apps and other factors too. Thus, we recommend you to use Libsyn as the podcast hosting service provider. It helps you to promote your podcast in different apps, devices, and also platforms.

You might feel a storage limit each month, but the bandwidth is unlimited. Each plan has a different offer. But, you can try with only $5 per month for 50 MB storage every month.

Besides the storage, you will also get detailed analytic, monetization options, and WordPress integration through Libsyn Publisher Hub.

7. SoundCloud

Actually, SoundCloud is more well-known as the platform for uploading audio. But, you can also use this for a hosting platform.

Even though you will be limited in the tools for doing this. However, we still put SoundCloud as one of the best podcast hosting 2021 services due to its simple use. You can just place the URL anywhere you want on your WordPress or website.

Since SoundCloud is a social audio platform, there is another advantage offered. Today people love to share what they like or relate to their life.

That’s how social media works. So, when you are promoting your podcast through SoundCloud, people who love your episode.

Then, just wait for the new visitors to come to your podcast. It’s a great idea to have SoundCloud as your hosting.

It is available for free for up to 3 hours. But, the free version is only for the newbies. If you level up, you will be charged starting from $6 per month.

It gives you more storage, bandwidth, distribution options, and statistical reports in advance, until monetization. Last words, it is flexible and customizable as you need.



There are many best podcast hosting 2021 services available now. We know that you are probably confused about choosing the right one.

Moreover, when you are a newcomer, then you need the right advice to pick one. As for your references, we suggest you take the hosting which has one-size-fits-all aspects.

See how much you can save your money, how far it can engage your audience, how helpful the tools to manage your podcast, and, of course, the storage space and the download limitation.

Once you find a suitable one, you can try for free first. If you think that is the match, then continue with the paid version.

While for the business need, it might take more considerations. Besides the aspects we have mentioned before, you are better to think about its ability to promote across the devices, platforms, and apps.

The more it is able to reach various points, the easier your podcast is known by people which is good for your business.